5 Reasons to Support Students this Season

The mythos of Santa Claus comes from the story of St. Nicholas. Legend has it that in about 280 A.D., Nicholas gave away all his inherited wealth. In lieu of resting in a life of comfort, he traveled the countryside helping the poor. He was known for doing generous deeds in secret, not expecting anything in return. He was a charitable gift-giver. And he was a protector of children. 

This season, we’ve been thinking about St. Nicholas’ gentle devotion to the vulnerable. In January, Orant will welcome 30 new students to attend Secondary School. Two current students are ready to embark on their final year of school, but their sponsors can no longer fund them. We are raising funds to support each of these students and more. Would you like to help us? Here are 5 reasons you might: 

1. Education improves earnings.

A 2009 study found that secondary school education improved Malawians’ earning potential by 15.4 percent. University improved earning potential by 66%. In other words, education can be a route out of poverty for individuals. And for countries.

2. Education inspires possibility.

Is there anything more empowering than learning to learn? Education provides students with the space to imagine and reimagine themselves and their worlds. In the classroom, they explore ideas and interests. They confront challenging material. Overcoming challenges, they learn their strength and capability. Outside the classroom, they carry the tools they gained within. They become the future change-makers in their communities.  

3. All students deserve to learn.

Only 37% of eligible students are enrolled in secondary school in Malawi in 2019. To compare, the world average that same year was nearly 80%. Why is that? We think, for starters, it’s the cost of tuition. For families with little to no disposable income, paying for secondary school is impossible. But should family income dictate who gets to learn and who doesn’t? At Orant, we don’t think so. 

4. Girl students need extra support.

Rural households spend more on boys’ education than girls’. However, when girls go to school, they’re less likely to get married early. If they choose to have babies, they’re more likely to wait until they are physically and emotionally ready. And ultimately, they’re more likely to contribute to the economy. For these reasons and more, Orant prioritizes sponsoring girl students.

5. If you support students this season, your donation will be doubled.

Four anonymous supporters have pledged to match all donations through December 31st. They will match your gift dollar for dollar, for up to $30,000. That means a $25 gift turns into a $50 gift, and a $50 gift turns into a $100 gift. Your gift will make a greater impact than it would any other time of the year. 

To support students this season, donate here.

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