About Us

Orant Charities Africa is an African NGO with a staff that is 100% African and almost 100% Malawian. We are dedicated to serving our community by combatting African challenges with African methods. We believe in gender equality and strive to support women in all of our programs.

Since its inception, Orant Charities Africa has accomplished a lot with a little. In 2014, we purchased a health clinic in Kasese, Malawi. When we arrived, storms had devastated the property, leaving it in desperate need of repair. During our first year of operations, two clinicians ran the clinic on their own. A team of only five professionals managed all other operations and administration. Though our team was understaffed and our facilities were not ideal, we treated 30,000 patients that year.

Now, our 50 employees manage ongoing projects in Agriculture & Business, Education, Healthcare, and Water & Sanitation. The Kasese Health Center has a reputation of being one of the cleanest, best-stocked and most well-equipped rural medical facilities in the country. Our clinicians know many of their patients by name. 

Orant Charities Africa is supported by Orant Charities United States, an American private operating foundation dedicated to our same mission. Their goal is to support Africans in locally driven development. They provide free consulting from a variety of US experts, offering professional insights for organizational growth. Their financial support keeps our fundraising costs to less than 1% of our budget.

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Orant's Value Added

Orant’s staff is 100% African and lives in and around the same communities that we are helping to strengthen. 

Orant uses data-analysis to know when our programs are making an impact or when it’s time to make a change.

We combine our local expertise and cultural knowledge with expert international logistic and fundraising support.