Orant University Fund

The Orant University Fund was created in 2021 to help successful and passionate Malawian students to continue their education after secondary school. 

After seeing the success of our secondary students, we knew we needed a way to continue investing in the education of  hardworking, intelligent, Malawian youth.

At the moment, the Orant University Fund comprises of the Orant Ulemu Scholarship which aims to support the most outstanding Malawian students towards getting a diploma or bachelor’s degree.

Donors from around the world make this fund a possibility. If you would like to donate to this fund specifically please use the button below to ensure that your donation will contribute directly to sending Malawians to university.

Orant Ulemu Students

Orant Ulemu Scholarship

Ulemu means “respect” in Chichewa. Respect is an important word for Orant. It is one of our values, it describes how we should treat one another, and denotes the respect awarded to those that continue their education against all odds, as the recipients of this scholarship are meant to do.

The Orant Ulemu Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to current or prospective Malawian university students to pursue a degree or diploma in Malawi. Students that are selected will be funded for the extent of the program applied for, up to five years. 

Below is further information regarding the terms and eligibility of the Orant Ulemu Scholarship. Please be sure to review all the information before submitting your application. Only one application per student per year is allowed.

Please turn in the application and all the required supporting documents as mentioned in the application to one of the following locations:

  • Mailed to : P/bag 365 Lilongwe
  • Handed in to: Orant Charities Africa, M1, Kasese, Dowa, Malawi
  • Emailed to: [email protected]

Application Deadline: August 10, 2023

Terms and Eligibility

  1. This application is only open to Malawian students under the age of 31 by the end of the application deadline, which is noted above and on Orant’s website.
  2. Selection priority for the Orant Scholarship will be given to former Secondary school Orant sponsored students.
  3. The Orant Ulemu Scholarship will continue for one to five years depending on the course of study. Each semester, the student will be assessed by the Orant Charities, their mentor, and their university to see if they will remain eligible to receive the Scholarship. 
  4. A maximum amount of 900,000 MWK can be awarded to each recipient of the Scholarship per year.
  5. The Orant Ulemu Scholarship can only be used for school fees, books, housing, food, and testing materials. No other expenses should be paid with the Scholarship. If the Scholarship is found to be funding another expense, the Scholarship will be revoked.
  6. Applicants with MSCE scores of below 25 will be prioritized. Those expressing great need and potential will be considered accordingly.
  7. Applicants can apply only for funding for one degree or diploma program per application period. Only the first application received will be considered.
  8. The Orant Ulemu Scholarship is only available for undergraduate degrees. No master’s or other degree funding will be considered.
  9. Applicants that have previously received Orant Ulemu Scholarship funding are ineligible to receive it for another degree or diploma.
  10. Any recipient of the Orant Ulemu Scholarship must earn a credit (or its equivalent, or higher) every semester. If the Student earns a credit, the Student must share their grades and progress with Orant Charities.Once the documentation is verified, they will then receive the Scholarship for the next semester. 
  11. If the Student does not receive a credit for a semester, they must meet with the Orant Education Manager and reapply for the Scholarship. If a student fails a semester, the Scholarship will be revoked. If the Scholarship is revoked, the student can reapply for the Scholarship the following semester.
  12. Students with current scholarships or government loans will not be considered for this scholarship. Students that receive another scholarship during the period that they are receiving the Ulemu Scholarship will have their Scholarship put on hold and will not receive funds from the Ulemu Scholarship. If the Student wishes to continue receiving the funds for the Ulemu Scholarship for the same program, they must reapply.
  13. Anyone found guilty of plagiarism or academic misconduct will immediately lose the Ulemu Orant Scholarship and be barred from application to all of Orant’s scholarships in the future. If any past, unannounced misconduct comes to light after receiving the scholarship, the student will be withdrawn from the Scholarship.

Recipients of the Orant Ulemu Scholarship will be considered representatives of Orant Charities Africa. Therefore, any societal misconduct, criminal offense, or involvement in activities that are against Orant Charities Africa’s mission and values will result in the student being withdrawn from the Scholarship.