Our Partners

Orant Charities Africa is committed to working with various local and international actors that collaborate with us on our mission and vision. Here are some of our partners in our mission to build more stable communities in central Malawi.

Orant Charities US

Orant Charities US is a nonprofit organization based in Texas in the United States and helps Orant Charities Africa achieve its goals in Malawi. Orant Charities offers fundraising, strategic, and technological support to Orant Charities Africa to ensure our operations are run as efficiently as possible.

Water and Environmental Sanitation Network (WESNET)

WESNET is a membership based Civil Society network that coordinates the work of NGOs working in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) subsector in Malawi. It is the national umbrella organization of NGOs, CBOs, Private Sector and individuals in the Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) sector in Malawi, and ensures coordination among these stakeholders and with the government.

Malawi Ministry of Health

Orant Charities Africa and the Malawi Ministry of Health work hand in hand in both of the districts that we currently operate in. They provide extension healthcare workers that we support in our clinics and are key to making sure our community is vaccinated against deadly diseases.


The Bowe Mission Farmer’s Association, more often referred to as BOMFA, is a farmers cooperative based in the Kasungu District. BOMFA is dedicated to empowering farmers in the local area by offering farming advice and instructions on what to plant. BOMFA also supplies many of their farmers with loans and aggregates the crop of all the farmers for marketing. BOMFA and Orant have been working together since 2012.