Orant Charities US

Orant Charities US is a private operating foundation and 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Texas, USA. It shares the mission of Orant Charities Africa to build stable local communities by empowering women and the poor with holistic and data-driven programs. Orant Charities US offers fundraising, strategic, and technological support to Orant Charities Africa to ensure our operations in Malawi are run as efficiently as possible.

Founding Orant

Orant Charities began was started in 2006 by two friends in Texas, USA that wanted to make a difference in the world. After a year of traveling and researching where they could have the largest impact, they decided to dedicate all their efforts towards central Malawi. 

What began as humble medical missions with volunteer doctors soon started to expand. Orant began drilling water wells, sponsoring students, and getting more involved in local life. They eventually established a permanent presence in Malawi in 2012.

In 2014, Orant purchased a clinic previously run by another NGO and under government control at the time. Orant then took this opportunity to expand operations significantly and to create Orant Charities Africa with the help of various Malawian stakeholders. Orant Charities Africa would take over the campus and run things locally, while building strong ties with the local communities and significantly expanding operations.

Orant Charities US Current Operations

Orant Charities US has a small team, but is constantly working to make sure Orant operates as efficiently as possible. One major factor of this is in fundraising. Because of our support in raising funds in the US and elsewhere, Orant Charities Africa can focus on what they do best: saving and improving lives in Malawi.

Additionally, Orant Charities US acts as expert technological and operations support staff for Orant Charities Africa programs and helps power our data collection and analysis.

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