Orant Charities US

Orant Charities US is our partner in mission. Both Orant Africa and Orant US aim to make a sustainable impact in Malawi through holistic, local, and data-driven approaches to supporting women and communities. Orant US is a private operating foundation and 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Texas, USA. Our US Team supports us with fundraising, strategy, and technology. 

Orant US Staff

John Tenny

Executive Director

Erin Parker

Lead Development Officer

Anna Adami

Lead Communications Officer

Liana Hampton


Orant US Board of Directors

Tom Brennan – Board Chair

John Tenny – Executive Director

Michael Tenny – Co-Founder

Seth Morgan – Co-Founder

Scott Beathard – Treasurer 

Lynda Baumgartner – Women’s Empowerment and Education Committee Chair

Dr. John Dallas – Medical Programs Advisor

Caroline Drake – Governance Committee Chair

Bill Robinson – Finance Committee Chair

The Story of Founding Orant

Orant Charities began in 2006 by two friends from Texas, USA who wanted to make a difference in the world. After a year of traveling and researching where they could have the largest impact, they decided on Central Malawi. 

What began as humble medical programs with volunteer doctors soon became more. Orant began drilling water wells, sponsoring students, and getting involved in local life. In 2014, Orant purchased a clinic.

As Orant expanded, so did its concept of charity. With the help of Malawian stakeholders, Orant created Orant Charities Africa, a local Malawian NGO. This shifted Orant from a foreign aid organization into a global-local partnership. Now, Orant Charities Africa runs all programs locally. Orant Charities US offers support from abroad.

Stories From The Field

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