The Orant Farm and Agriculture Demonstration Plot

The Orant Farm

The 33 acre Orant Farm is located behind our campus in Kasese. Most of the farm is used to work with local farming families. Orant helps farmers develop the skills to farm for business instead of just for food.

The remaining land is planted by Orant staff to provide extra food during the lean season. 

Agriculture Demonstration Plot and Farm Day

Each year in March, Orant invites hundreds of farmers and the local chiefs to our campus. They review different seeds and fertilizers that were used on the demonstration plot. Together, they discuss the importance of fertilizer and being a proactive farmer. Finally, we make important announcements regarding health and safety and perform skits that emphasize the importance of being a proactive farmer.

Local Orant-sponsored “lead farmers” guide other farmers throughout the year with advice and assistance.

Photo Credit: Gift Mgunda



We have been supporting the Bowe Mission Farmer’s Association (BOMFA) since Orant Charities Africa was founded. BOMFA is a farmers cooperative that organizes seed and fertilizer distribution to its farmers and helps them sell and transport their crops in bulk. BOMFA supports farmer clubs and contributes to building a more stable community.

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FEM for Women

Our FEM for Women Program supports local women entrepreneurs with microloans. These loans financially empower women in the community and at home. Many of our members improve their family’s living situation and pay for their childrens’ schooling with their profits.

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Irrigation Clubs

Orant sponsors and manages 14 irrigation clubs in our Kasese operations area. These clubs are supplied with the skills and supplies necessary to plant and harvest multiple crops per year, helping them develop prosperity and wealth.

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