Orant Charities Africa

What We Do

Orant Charities Africa makes lasting and sustainable impact in Malawi through a holistic, local, and data-driven approach to supporting women and communities.

Agriculture & Business

Orant Charities Africa provides microloans and support for local farmers and women entrepreneurs.


We strive to provide easy-access healthcare to our community and surrounding rural villages.


Help provide an education for ambitious but underprivileged girl students. 

Water & Sanitation

Water supply and sanitation are the backbone of development in rural communities.

Stories From The Field

Mobilizing Masks for Malawi Today, September 1st, marks the first day since April that the mobile outreach clinic will return to its routine schedule. Remote villages who have lacked access …
Sewing Masks for Malawi On the back porch of Orant Charities Africa, bordered by green gardens and a forest preserve, tailors thread their sewing machines. With accuracy, they cut textiles …
When COVID-19 Arrived in Rural Malawi The Threat Approaching Orant Charities Africa began preparing for coronavirus as soon as it caught word about the spread, but for a while the …