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Orant's Mission:

Orant Charities Africa makes a sustainable impact in Malawi through a holistic, local, and data-driven approach to supporting women and communities.

Agriculture & Business

We equip local farmers and female entrepreneurs with business training and loans.


We deliver accessible healthcare to rural communities.


We make education possible with tuition assistance for ambitious but impoverished students.

Water & Sanitation

We supply villages with clean drinking water.

Stories from the Field

Staff Highlight: Tango Phiri Tango Phiri, Orant’s Financially Empowering Microloans for Women Program Manager “It is such a great honor to be part of a team that is working tirelessly …

Meet Zaina: President of BOMFA Zaina Kapachika, President of BOMFA, gives a thumbs up in a field of crops Zaina Kapachika is a life force. She points to a field …

Covid-19 Vaccines in Malawi “We will not end the pandemic anywhere unless we end it everywhere,” said the World Health Organization Director-General. On March 5th, 2021, Malawi received its first …

Poverty Myths: Reading Heartland Heartland by Sarah Smarsh isn’t a book about Malawi, but it is a book about poverty. Smarsh writes about growing up in the United States among …

Undernutrition Solution: RUTF in Malawi An impoverished child in Malawi looks ten years old when in fact he is sixteen. His three year old sister is underweight with a low …

5 Reasons to Become a Friend of Orant Zaina, Director of BOMFA We are excited to announce the launch of a new program: Friends of Orant. This community of monthly …