Orant Charities Gala 2021
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Orant's Mission:

Orant Charities Africa makes a sustainable impact in Malawi through a holistic, local, and data-driven approach to supporting women and communities.

Agriculture & Business

We equip local farmers and female entrepreneurs with business training and loans.


We deliver accessible healthcare to rural communities.


We make education possible with tuition assistance for ambitious but impoverished students.

Water & Sanitation

We supply villages with clean drinking water.

Stories from the Field

Alick Zimba’s Life-Saving Diagnosis In the heat of a September morning, two men carry a man on a bicycle to Orant’s Mobile Outreach Clinic. The man’s name is Alick Zimba. …

Mapping Malawi

Mapping Malawi Orant’s Mapping Initiative Orant values sustainability. We want the impact of our programs to last. As such, we are always thinking ahead. One of our most forward-thinking projects …

Mobile Money Agent Patricia Simbi Patricia Simbi sits behind red airtel mobile money booth in Malawi, Africa Patricia Simbi is one of Orant’s Financially Empowering Microloans for Women participants. She …

What is Mobile Money?

What is Mobile Money? Accessible Banking for the Rural Malawian Poor Mobile money agent in Tanzania; photo by Fiona Graham Mobile money will change what is possible for the rural …

Connecting Globally on a Pixel Planet Orant’s Virtual World In 2020, Orant hosted the world’s first non-profit VR fundraiser. This year, Orant utilized the VR platform again. But our goal …

Welcoming Guests to Orant’s Virtual World Orant’s Virtual Experience August 9-14, 2021 Takulandirani means welcome in Chichewa, the national language of Malawi. We are excited to say takulandirani next week, …