Water & Sanitation

Our Water & Sanitation program has always been at the core of our operations at Orant Charities Africa. One third of Malawians do not have access to basic water supply services. Even those who have access to reliable water must often walk a couple kilometres a day to get it. This affects all levels of the family, but disproportionately affects women and girls, who are often the ones that must gather the water.

Orant has repaired hundreds of wells and drills around five new ones a year. We are currently expanding our well-drilling capabilities and hope to double our capacity in the coming years.

In addition to building and maintaining wells, Orant conducts local sanitary training in various public places such as schools. We give the students the necessary supplies and knowledge to maintain clean and hygienic facilities.


Sanitation Projects

Since 2018, we have constructed girls’ latrines at two different rural schools. If there are shared facilities or no latrines at all, girls will often not attend class since they have nowhere to use the restroom or change their sanitary pads.

Orant’s Water & Sanitation Program is nationally recognized. We are part of WESNET (Water Environmental Sanitation Network) and have contributed to developing national water and sanitation policies that are currently in use. Through this network, we have found other like-minded NGOs with whom we hope to collaborate on a large-scale water project in 2021.


COVID-19 Prevention

Orant has been working with local stakeholders to prepare for measures to fight the coronavirus since before the first cases arrived in the country in April 2020.

Since then, our entire staff has undergone COVID-19 prevention training, and we have begun a campaign to provide sanitation measures to fight the disease throughout our community.

So far, we have supplied 25 trading posts, churches, and other public meeting places with hand-washing facilities, the necessary cleaning chemicals, and the proper training to care for the facility and keep it running.

We will continue to expand this program and others that help fight the coronavirus pandemic in Malawi.


Stories From The Field

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