Expanding Solar Power at Orant Charities

An Interview with Green Impact Technologies

Expanding Solar Power at Orant Charities
New solar panels at Orant Charities

Expanding solar power at Orant Charities Africa

We interviewed Admore Chiumia, the founder and  CEO of Green Impact Technologies to tell us more about the new solar power system that has been installed at our Kasese Healthcare Centre in Dowa.

How will solar power impact Orant’s work in Malawi?

Implementing this system will bring several benefits to Orant. It will significantly reduce utility bills by eliminating the need to rely on and pay the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) for power. Additionally, the health center will have access to uninterrupted power supply throughout the day and night, ensuring efficient patient care and smooth medical operations.

What is Green Impact Technologies ?

Green Impact Technologies is a limited company headquartered in Lilongwe, Malawi. The company focuses on advancing alternative energy technologies to benefit low-income communities in Malawi and beyond. We specialize in providing institutional solar power systems and other sustainable energy solutions, such as solar water pumps, solar home systems, and  biogas systems for clean cooking.

What advantages does Green Impact’s solar system have over Orant’s old system?

Previously Orant had an older solar powered system that was not strong enough to power all the medical equipment or to store that power in batteries. The new system provides enough power for lighting, medical equipment and other operations like printing and powering computers. There will no longer be the need to rely on ESCOM or use a backup generator when power to the area fails.

Expanding Solar Power at Orant Charities
Solar panels on the Orant Charities campus

Orant’s commitment to renewable energy

Orant recognizes the importance of renewable energy and is committed to transitioning our campus to entirely solar power over the coming years. We are proud to work with local Malawian renewable energy companies like Green Impact Technologies. 

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