Christmas Holidays in Malawi

What does Christmas look like in Malawi?

Holidays in Malawi
Friends enjoying a stroll together in Malawi.

Holidays in Malawi are filled with fun and joy!

What does Christmas look like in Malawi?

Christmas time is an opportunity for families and communities to come together after a long year, to catch up and share what they have been doing over the past months. During this season, families prepare all sorts of meals as part of celebration.

If you are someone who grew up in Malawi, you would agree that as a kid, you always associated Christmas with mpunga wa nyama (rice with meat).  Growing up, kids on Christmas Day used to sing a song “tidya mpunga, ndiwo tambala” (we are going to eat rice with chicken).

What is Christmas without mpunga wa nyama?

There are also all sorts of drinks that are either  bought or prepared. Thobwa, Fanta and alcoholic drinks are the most common drinks during this season. 

Others bake chigumu (African cake), make doughnuts, zitumbuwa, samosas and cakes.

Christmas time is also an opportunity to share.

Families share food and drinks with their neighbors, friends and others. For most people in the village, they should expect to share thobwa, rice and any other kind of food. 

It is also a time to build a relationship with God. On Christmas Day,  families go to church where they sing Christmas carols, perform plays and play games.

The New Year

On New Year’s Eve, most people spend a night at church for a crossover service, others hold parties and in the village there is a celebration called “Mchezo” where they perform different types of dances including Chiterera.  At midnight there’s a shout of joy and others light fireworks in celebration for the new year. 

Happy Holidays from Orant!

We hope you have enjoyed this brief picture of Christmas in Malawi. We wish you a very merry holiday season and blessings in the new year!

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