Best Things to Do in Malawi

Visit Malawi and Enjoy Tourism and Local Experiences

Best Things to Do in Malawi
Sunset over Lake Malawi

Whether you are planning an African trip or just curious about the things we love about Malawi, read today’s blog to see the best things to do in Malawi!

Best Things to Do in Malawi

Though Malawi is small, it is full of adventures and fun things to do! A country of 45,747 square miles with a population of over 20 million, Malawi has many natural wonders and exciting things to see. Read this blog to learn the best things to do in Malawi!

#1. Visit Lake Malawi

The famous Lake Malawi has drawn tourists and locals alike for centuries. There are many hotels located on the shores of the lake at Nkhata Bay, Cape Maclear and Karonga, to name a few. Boat, snorkelling, and diving tours are great for added adventure! We love watching the sunset over Lake Malawi and enjoying a dinner of chambo (tilapia) and nsima with relish!

#2. Climb Mount Mulanje (Mulanje Massif)

A 10,000 foot mountain, Mount Mulanje is popular for both day hikers and serious climbers. Guides are available for hire for your adventure and will be happy to find a route that accommodates your skill level. The sights are incomparable from the highest point in Malawi!

#3. Experience the Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete is a Wildlife Reserve in the southwestern part of Malawi where conservationists have successfully reintroduced thousands of animals to their native habitat. Over 12,000 animals live in this sanctuary, including zebras, kudu, antelope, cheetah, giraffe, African Wild Dog, and of course all of the “Big Five.” Self-guided and professionally-guided tours are available.

#4. Experience Malawian Culture in Dedza

Dedza is famous for its cultural offerings like the UNESCO World Heritage Site Chongoni Rock-Art Area which features wall paintings from ancient times up until the 20th century. One can also visit the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art. The Kungoni Centre is famous for the wood carvings the local artisans make but there is also a museum and dance centre. Dedza Pottery and Lodge is also a popular place to pick up artistic pieces, and you can enjoy a snack at the tea shop!

#5. Shop at the Old Town Mall in Lilongwe

No trip to a new country would be complete without souvenirs to take home to loved ones! You will find hand-carved wooden objects, paintings, jewellery, fabric goods, and more at Old Town Mall, Lilongwe! There are also art galleries, a bookstore and Logos Open Culture, Malawi’s foremost publisher of contemporary Malawian literature!

#6. Trading Market Days

In Kasese, the village where Orant is located, Monday is market day! Come to the market centre on Monday evening to find a wide variety of goods for sale, including clothing, shoes, toiletries, chitenje, crafts, street food, fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and more! You will feel the warmth and friendliness of the Malawian people and can enjoy a bite to eat from one of the many FEM participants who have tea rooms or food stalls in the market. It is a great slice of life in rural Malawi! Depending on where you stay, market day may be on a different day of the week, so be sure to ask the locals when and where to check it out!

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