Irrigation Clubs

Orant’s Irrigation Club Program is rather new, but perfectly expresses what our Agricultural & Business Program is all about.

The goal of the Irrigation Club Program is to teach local farmers the best farming practices, offer them loans, and assist them in planting and harvesting multiple crops per year through irrigation methods. Orant loans fertilizer and seed to farmers interest free three times a year before they plant and consults them through the entire process each time. Orant has helped some of the clubs that are planting large fields with a diesel-powered pump that makes their irrigation much more simple.

After harvest the farmers are only required to repay 50% of the total loan amount, which helps them expand their operations and ensures that they make enough profit to feed their families and have something left over. Orant then assists in saving or investing the profits from each club with a variety of models that are being tested.

As we continue to perfect our operations, we will get closer to collecting the full loan amount so that the program can be self-sustaining and we can empower even more farmers.

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We have been supporting the Bowe Mission Farmer’s Association (BOMFA) since Orant Charities Africa was founded. BOMFA is a farmers cooperative that organizes seed and fertilizer distribution to its farmers and helps them sell and transport their crops in bulk. BOMFA supports farmer clubs and contributes to building a more stable community.


Orant Demonstration Farm Plot

Orant Charities Africa’s campus has a 33-acre farm plot which is used to demonstrate proper farming techniques and correct use of fertilizer and seeds to local farmers. This ensures that  farmers have access to the latest information and farming techniques in Malawi so their yields can be as high as possible.|

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FEM for Women

Our FEM for Women Program supports local women entrepreneurs with microloans. These loans financially empower women in the community and at home. Many of our members improve their family’s living situation and pay for their childrens’ schooling with their profits.

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