Bountiful Harvest

Teleza Manuwelo and the Orant Farm Project

Teleza Manuwelo

Sitting on her veranda, Teleza Manuwelo shares her story.

Aged 58, Teleza hails from Kanyama Village, T/A Chakhaza in Dowa. The Orant Farm Project has transformed her life.

“I’m hard working,” says Teleza.

“But I only have a small piece of land. So I couldn’t cultivate beyond subsistence. Not only that, I lacked farming techniques. I couldn’t grow enough to feed my family for the year.”

60% of the land went to women and 40% to men. We prioritized farmers who didn’t have their own land, but were eager to farm for income generation. Farmers like Teleza.

Teleza has set a great example in her community.

Despite her age, she works hard for herself and two grandchildren. From her two acres, she harvested 55 bags of groundnuts. After selling them, she expects to make a profit of 640,000 MWK.

With the proceeds, Teleza plans to buy pigs and bedding.

She also plans to build a larger and more comfortable house.

“I believe that as long as I work hard and I am dedicated, I can achieve anything that I want,” says Teleza, smiling to her ears.

For the first time in many years, she will have the safety and stability of an income. “I am so grateful for Orant,” she says.

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