Agriculture & Business

Orant Charities Africa is dedicated to sustainably supporting our community through farming skill development and various microloan programs. Our programs focus on supporting women and farmers to help them build a better life for their families.

Over 80% of the population of Malawi is rural. Malawi’s economy is largely agrarian. More importantly, many of the people in our operation areas are subsistence farmers. They farm to survive and only sell what little they have left. The importance of farming and agriculture in Malawi cannot be overstated.

Currently, our Agriculture & Business Programs are separated into Business or Microloan Programs and Farming Programs.

Microloan Programs

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Irrigation Clubs

Orant sponsors and manages 14 irrigation clubs in our Kasese operations area. These clubs are supplied with the skills and supplies necessary to plant and harvest multiple crops per year, helping them develop prosperity and wealth.

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FEM for Women

Our FEM for Women Program supports local women entrepreneurs with microloans. These loans financially empower women in the community and at home. Many of our members improve their family’s living situation and pay for their childrens’ schooling with their profits.

Farming Programs



We have been supporting the Bowe Mission Farmer’s Association (BOMFA) since Orant Charities Africa was founded. BOMFA is a farmers cooperative that organizes seed and fertilizer distribution to its farmers and helps them sell and transport their crops in bulk. BOMFA supports farmer clubs and contributes to building a more stable community.


Orant Demonstration Farm Plot

Orant Charities Africa’s campus has a 33-acre farm plot which is used to demonstrate proper farming techniques and correct use of fertilizer and seeds to local farmers. This ensures that  farmers have access to the latest information and farming techniques in Malawi so their yields can be as high as possible.|

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