On-site Clinics

Orant partners with the Malawian Ministry of Health and other charities and NGOs to deliver comprehensive specialized care to our patients. Some of the services we provide:

  • HIV/AIDS Testing, Counseling, and Management
  • Weekly Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Monthly Ophthalmology Clinics
  • Twice Weekly Prenatal Clinics
  • Malnutrition Monitoring and Treatment

“Why do people travel to our clinic from other areas that have their own health centers or hospitals?”

“Because we have medicine. At the others, there is no medicine.”

patient care advisor at Kasese Health Center

Orant charges our patients a small fee (~$.25 – $1.33) for using our medical facilities.All the money collected goes directly back into medical treatment. If someone is incapable of paying the full amount, they are never turned away.

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Mobile Outreach Clinic

Our Mobile Outreach Clinic travels to remote villages to offer life-saving treatments.

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Kasese Health Center

The Kasese Health Center is our on-campus static clinic where we treat tens of thousands of patients annually.

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