Tchale Irrigation Club

Tchale Irrigation Club

Orant launched the Tchale Irrigation Club in April. This club consists of 13 members. 4 men and 9 women.

Orant’s Irrigation Club Program...

  • Teaches local farmers best farming practices
  • Offers farmers loans
  • Assists farmers in planting and harvesting multiple crops per year

After harvest, farmers are required to pay back the total loan amount at no interest. This helps them expand their operations. And it ensures that they make enough profit to feed their families with funds left over.

Tchale’s First Year…

Tchale Irrigation Club cultivated two acres of maize their first year. 

“We are so happy and thankful seeing our first harvest,” says Sekina Chiokosa. “We have only sold a small portion of our green maize, yet have already made over 170,000 MWK. We paid back our loan already, too. This assures us we will make a lot of proceeds.”

With the proceeds, they can now provide school fees and supplies for their children. And buy fertilizer for the next farming season.  

“Because of the hide and seek games that the rains played last farming season, we anticipate extreme hunger in most communities this year,” says Sekina. “However, we’re not worried. We’ll keep some of the harvest to sustain our homes.” 

The club plans to buy a diesel engine to irrigate their field. Once they buy the engine, they also plan to expand their land. The engine will make irrigation easier.

Irrigation clubs create food security.

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