Student and Donor Relationships in Orant’s Education Program

A letter from Jennifer, a student in Malawi
A letter from Jennifer to her donors

Students in our Education Program build relationships with the donors who sponsor them and allow them to attend secondary school in Malawi. Read on to learn about student and donor relationships in Orant’s Education Program.

The state of education in Malawi

In Malawi, primary school is free, while secondary school carries a cost for tuition, boarding, books, food, and other school supplies. Unfortunately, it is not within the budget of many families. In 2018, USAID reported that only about 15% of students in Malawi attend secondary school. The rate is even worse for girls, whose education is often put aside when family needs become more important.

Through our Education Program, we work closely with a number of schools to sponsor students who would not otherwise be able to obtain an education. This sponsorship is made possible through donations from various individual donors as well as corporate donors. We pay students’ tuition and give them educational materials as well as basic needs.  

How does our education program go beyond just secondary school tuition?

Distance is one of the factors that affect our  everyday relationships  in one way or the other. This is not an exception for the relationship between our students and their sponsors  who are mostly a thousand miles away from each other. However, our Education Program uses a fun technique to work out the student-sponsor relationship: writing letters.

Jennifer Sankhani, one of our sponsored students, writes a letter to her sponsors at a high school in Texas, USA, and she says “Zikomo” (thank you), appreciating her sponsors for their untiring efforts in supporting her education.

“Without your help I could not continue with my education” she says in her letter.

Student and donor relationships are an integral part of our education program.

Building relationships is an integral part of our Education Program. We always make a way for the students and donors  who are miles away from each other to participate in each other’s lives. Exchange of letters between students and their sponsors helps to build a relationship and a strong bond which contributes to students’ success.

Jennifer’s  sponsors write; “We are so excited to help you in getting a good education. You have amazing potential and you will do great in life.”

Lonjezo Chauya, Orant’s Education Program Manager, comments: We believe there is something beyond just providing school fees and needs for our students. Their relationship with their sponsors is one thing that makes their connection more meaningful and a success” 

How can you help students in Malawi?

For a donation of $600 per year, you can ensure that a girl has access to education and necessary school supplies. You will also be able to write to your student and build a relationship that will encourage her to succeed.

We currently have 40 female students in need of sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please email [email protected] for more information.

Thanks to all our donors for their endless support!

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