Congratulations to our sponsored student, Alick Nathan!

Orant's University Fund allows students to achieve their dreams

Sponsored student Alick Nathan poses in a white hallway. He is wearing a graduation robe and cap.
Sponsored student Alick Nathan is proud of graduating!

Congratulations to our sponsored student, Alick Nathan!

There is nothing that brings us as much joy as seeing our sponsored students finishing their education and graduating! Their success and the fruits they bear mean so much to us.

Alick’s story is of perseverance, determination and hard work. “I was born and raised in one of the most humble families in the central part of Malawi in Dowa. There were days we could go to bed on empty stomachs as it was hard for my parents to put food on the family table,” tells Alick.

Alick had little trouble with primary school, since primary school education is free in Malawi. However, when he reached secondary school, it was hard for his parents to pay for his tuition fees. 

Secondary school education is not guaranteed in Malawi

“Despite the many challenges I faced, I did not want them to be a hindrance to my dreams. Rather, I looked at my challenges as fuel and drive to my dreams. This encouraged me to do piece work to get money which I could use to pay for my tuition fees,” says Alick.

With his hard work and determination, Alick did well in his Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) Examinations and was later selected to one of the best Universities in Malawi, Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST). The joy of his success was short-lived, however, as his family was worried about the university tuition fees.

University tuition can be out of reach for many families

Despite his family’s financial situation, in 2015, Alick began his university education. Soon, though, he was forced to withdraw on financial grounds. 

Alick says, “leaving the University campus, my heart ached. I felt my dreams and goals shattered. However, there was no other hope for me but to go back to the village.”

With no hope of going back to school, Alick spent the whole of 2015 at home.

“There has never been a more perfect time when the quote, there is light at the end of the tunnel, has ever made so much sense like it did one Monday morning in 2016,” says Alick.

The beginning of the Orant University Fund program

Alick explains how he visited Orant Charities asking for his education sponsorship. At this time Orant had not introduced the Orant University Fund yet, but Alick was still considered for a sponsorship considering his situation and his determination.

“I was so happy to hear that I was considered for a sponsorship. It was something that I had never imagined.”

With support from Orant, in 2016, Alick went back to school to continue with his education. Orant sponsored his program throughout the years of study and today, we celebrate his long awaited victory.

Congratulations Alick! Orant wishes you success!

Are you looking to help send a student to university in Malawi? Visit the Orant University Fund page.

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