Orant Ulemu Scholarship 2023

Steven's Story

Steven Chiundira portrait
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Meet Steven Chiundira, one of our 2023 Orant Ulemu scholarship recipients.

Aged 24, Steven hails from Bweya village in Dowa, T/A Chakhaza. He is the second born in his family of seventeen siblings from his father and six siblings from his mother.

Challenges in Secondary School

Steven and his mother were excited when he got selected to Magawa Secondary School in 2016. However, this excitement was short-lived as his mother could not afford his school fees and supplies. Failing to pay school fees for two terms, Steven was chased out of school.

A Promising Student

“This felt like the end of the world for me. I had no hope of going back to school until I was considered for a government scholarship which supported me up to form four” Steven said.

Steven performed well on the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) in 2020 and was selected to Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences to pursue a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering.

New Challenges

“In the first year of my studies, I was so excited and lucky to be one of the students who were considered for a government loan. It was hard for me to get proper accommodation and food. It could take me an hour to walk to the school campus” Steven says.

Two weeks ago, Steven was so depressed because he was on the verge of dropping out of school as his mother could not afford his school fees and other school necessities.

“My parents separated when I was too young to remember. Life hasn’t been easy as I have been raised and supported by my single mother who depends on farming to take care of us” Steven narrates.

Orant Ulemu Scholarship

Steven applied for the Orant Ulemu Scholarship and after assessing his condition, he has been given a scholarship that covers his tuition, accommodation, food, and other education expenses.

The Orant University Fund was created in 2021 to help successful and passionate Malawian students to continue their education after secondary school. 

“I am happy I am now back at school. I had no hope and I was about to withdraw. Thanks to Orant and its donors for their support. I am working hard so that one day I can support other students who will be in a situation like mine” Says Steven.

The other student selected for the Orant Ulemu Scholarship this year is Gibson Ketulo who is studying Culinary Arts at Mzuzu University.
So far, the Orant Ulemu Scholarship has 7 recipients.

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