Malnutrition in Malawi

Tadala's Story

Orant's Mobile Outreach Clinic

One morning, Dorothy noticed her granddaughter looking different. “One would think she had gained weight in one night,” says Dorothy. “I knew it was something unusual. Her whole body was swollen.”

Despite her alarm, Dorothy couldn’t afford to take her granddaughter, Tadala, to the nearest hospital. It was some ten kilometers away.

Burden of Travel Costs

“It costs 4000 MWK to get to the hospital,” says Dorothy. “January to March is always hard for us village people. By this time, most of us run out of food. Every small amount of money we get, we use to buy food.”  

Mobile Outreach Brings Healthcare to Villages

Dorothy knew Orant’s Mobile Outreach Clinic (MOC) was scheduled to visit her village in three weeks. Patiently, she waited. When Orant arrived, she took Tadala immediately to the clinic.

Orant’s clinicians diagnosed Tadala with severe malnutrition. 

Nutrition in Malawi

Good nutrition is one of the cornerstones of human growth and societal development. However, malnutrition remains a serious public health challenge in Malawi. According to a report by UNICEF, 37% of Malawian children are affected by stunting. Worse, malnutrition contributes to preventable child deaths.

As is with many cases, people from rural villages are most affected by malnutrition.

“Malnutrition cases are always at an alarming rate during January to March,” says George Matapandeu,  MOC clinician. “At this time, people have usually invested their little income in farming. Simultaneously, the previous year’s harvest runs out.”

Tadala’s Treatment

When Tadala visited the MOC, clinicians took all efforts and steps to manage her condition. They  followed the Malawi national nutrition guidelines. And they prescribed ready-to-use therapeutic food. Strong and resilient, Tadala bounced back. 

Healthcare Heals

A month after being assisted, Tadala’s grandmother returned to the clinic. She showed the clinicians Tadala’s improved condition. Grateful, she shared her thanks with Orant’s clinic team and donors.

“I don’t know what would have happened to my grandchild if not for the Mobile Outreach Clinic,” says Dorothy.

Tadala is just one example of the thousands of children that have benefited from the Orant Charities Africa nutritional program. Bravo to our Outreach Clinic Team and the entire Orant Charities. Bravo to the parents and grandparents like Dorothy who courageously care for their children when conditions are dire. 

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