5 Reasons to Become a Friend of Orant

Zaina, Director of BOMFA

We are excited to announce the launch of a new program: Friends of Orant. This community of monthly givers, united in empathy and generosity, makes a sustainable impact on the people of Malawi. We would love for you to join! Need more to be convinced? Here are 5 reasons to become a Friend of Orant.

  1. 12 gifts in 12 months contributes to a steady stream of revenue. Your donations support integral programming for the vulnerable and the poor. This reliable revenue allows our team to plan for the future.


  2. Your gift can be tailored to fit your lifestyle. Whether you sign up for a recurring gift of $15 or $50, your donation makes an impact.


  3. Your donations go directly to operations in Malawi. None of your monthly contributions will be used for administration costs in the US.


  4. You will receive exclusive photos and quarterly reports. Gabriel Kapanda, our Country Director, will send you updates on our challenges and successes in Malawi.


  5. You will make a difference. With your help, we can deliver healthcare to the sick, water to the thirsty, and education to the underserved. We can dream of a Malawi in which all people have opportunities to learn, grow, and flourish in stable communities that meet their basic human needs. 

It takes great strength to show compassion and generosity to communities on the other side of the world. Join us in our mission to empower the poor.
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