3 Ways Orant Plans to Maximize Efficiency in 2021

An early example of Orant Charities Africa Operation Map showing our campus, Irrigation Clubs, and Mobile Outreach Clinics

We’ve reflected on 2020. We’ve re-learned that Malawi is resilient and Orant is adaptable. Now is the time for anticipation, preparation, and planning. Now, we look forward to 2021. Our organization prepares for growth. 

1. Female Empowerment

We plan to expand our FEM for Women Program. FEM is a microloan and business training model. It gives women the financial and social tools to succeed in operating small businesses. Since the program’s inauguration in 2007, 100% of loans have been paid back in full. We envision female entrepreneurs shaping local marketplaces. We believe they will pave the way for lasting social change

To strengthen this program, we plan to hire a full-time FEM Program Manager in 2021. The Program Manager will manage candidates, facilitate classes, and foster a supportive community. Once we test and solidify our program in Kasese, we hope to expand to other trading centers in Central Malawi.

2. Digitizing Medical Records

As it stands, our clinicians record medical information by hand in paper ledgers. At the end of the month, they tally the stats to write monthly reports. Naturally, this process is inefficient. It leaves too much room for error and it bogs down our medical professionals. 

In 2021, we are prioritizing a data collection upgrade. We plan to invest in the Baobab MRS System. It is a widely-used, fully digital, Malawian-made medical records system. It will allow us to create patient profiles and keep more accurate health records. This will give us a better understanding of overall patient needs. We will be able to design models of malaria testing and treatment. We will create maps for expanding Mobile Outreach Clinics in the future.

3. Mapping Our Operations

With a solid base of data, we can maximize the efficiency of our programs. The Orant Mapping Initiative began in early 2020. We use Google Earth to map coordinates of all our operations. In 2021, we will expand our map to include water wells, villages, markets, schools, clinics, hospitals, churches, and more. This will help us to better understand the needs of our geographic area. We will no longer have to guess where a water well will have the highest impact. Referring to our map, we will make an informed decision.

In 2021, we will keep our focus on community. With stronger data infrastructure, we will build more stable communities. With an investment in women, our communities will mature socially and fiscally. With change comes growth. We are excited to grow.    

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