Orant Ulemu Scholarship

Without financial freedom, many Malawian students stay stuck in a cycle of poverty. Despite their potential, they can’t afford to continue their studies at university. As a result, their dreams fade into distant memories.

For the past four years, Orant has rarely been able to financially support students past secondary school. Students could perform amazingly on their exit exams. They could get selected for universities. Yet if they couldn’t find funding, they couldn’t pursue a degree. Without other options, they would be at risk for early marriage and a life of poverty.

Now, we are excited to support students pursuing higher education. In 2021, Orant launched the Orant University Fund. It aims to enable underprivileged students in Malawi to attend university.

Once the students are educated,” says Lonjezo Chauya, Orant’s Education Program Manager, “they have more ways to make a difference in their communities and the world.” 

This year, Orant’s Ulemu Scholarship will fund university tuition for 7 outstanding Malawian students. 6 girls will be fully funded and 1 boy will be partially funded.

The Ulemu Scholarship targets students who graduated from secondary school under Orant’s sponsorship. All selected students performed well on their secondary school exit exams. The scholarship can cover:

  • Tuition for a private or public university
  • Room and board
  • Books and other expenses

“Many students we serve have dreams of making a difference as teachers, doctors, or government officials,” says Lonjezo. With the Orant Ulemu Scholarship, students can take one step closer to their dreams. 

In the future, we hope to provide university scholarships to as many students as possible. This includes those we couldn’t assist in secondary school. We believe poverty shouldn’t be a barrier to education. Everyone deserves to learn. 

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