Orant Adopts Electronic Medical Records System

Ronald Makamba, Orant Data Officer, uses Mizu system

Since 2016, Orant has dreamed of having an Electronic Medical Records System. Within just the past year, our patient count has increased by 40%. To keep up with our workflow, we need to go digital. And so, we are now installing the Mizu application.

What is Mizu?

Mizu is a Malawian-made hospital-wide medical records system. It covers registration, billing, consultation, lab, and dispensary. Mizu produces customized reports, which enhances our ability to evaluate data.

Ooh, tell us more!

The Mizu application was designed by Baobab Trust in 2019. Orant Charities Africa is the first client to use it.

What is Baobab?

The baobab is a type of tree found throughout Africa. With resiliency, it survives harsh droughts by storing water in its trunk. This enables it to produce nutrient-rich fruit in the dry season. As such, it became known as the “tree of life.”

The Baobab Trust is a technological tree of life. For the last 19 years, the Baobab Trust has developed different systems for the health sector in Malawi. Its systems started by catering to specific departments and programs. Then the Trust realized they needed a more holistic approach. They needed a system to cover all operations in a facility. In response, they developed Mizu.

What advantages does Mizu have over our old system?

  1. Eliminates Paper Usage
    Before Mizu, our data and patient files were all paper. The paper system makes reporting cumbersome. It’s also vulnerable to manipulation and prone to mistakes. The electronic system is safer and more secure.

  2. Generates Reports
    With Mizu, our entered data can be easily calculated. Reports can be generated with a few button clicks. This makes our data more accurate, which in turn helps us better treat our community.

  3. Manages Inventory
    Mizu has a stock management system that keeps track of all drugs, surgical equipment, safety equipment, etc. It notifies us to pre-order items and helps us keep track of expiration dates.

  4. Documents Patient History
    When a patient is recorded in the Mizu system, their information can be easily retrieved during their next visits. The system keeps track of their appointments, treatments, and prescriptions.

    We couldn’t be more thrilled to install and use the Mizu system. Our Healthcare Program is projected to treat around 70,000 patients this year. As our medical operations expand, such technology is integral. Thank you to Baobab Trust!

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