Orant’s Virtual World Awarded Best Educational XR Experience

In October, Orant’s Virtual Experience received the Crystal Owl Award for “Best Educational XR Experience” at Stereopsia LATAM. Stereopsia LATAM is a World Immersion Forum dedicated to immersive technologies and content. In other words, it’s the Oscars of XR.

Why did we choose to use virtual reality?

We wanted to create a space for people to interact with Malawi more intimately than through articles or photos. In our virtual world, visitors can walk through a 3D rural village, experience 360 videos, and learn more about our programs. In addition, the world acts as a meeting space. As a local-global organization, our supporters are scattered across the world. Therefore, we have to be creative in finding meaningful ways to connect. The metaverse is one such way.

How did we build our world?

Collaboratively. We couldn’t have created such an incredible experience without the talent and hard work of passionate volunteers and collaborators. Oso Borroso Digital designed the VR world and Almagico VR edited and enhanced our 360 videos. Our gratitude for these folks is boundless.

You can visit our virtual world at any time, just like you would a website.

But unlike a website, the experience is 3D and immersive. In Ksenia Marennikova of OsoBorroso’s words, “They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we say that virtual reality is worth a thousand pictures.” 

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