Connecting Globally on a Pixel Planet

Orant’s Virtual World

In 2020, Orant hosted the world’s first non-profit VR fundraiser. This year, Orant utilized the VR platform again. But our goal this year is different. We’re not aiming to raise funds. We’re aiming to connect. 

Don’t have a VR headset? 

No problem. This year’s project is ambitious. It blends the immersion of virtual reality with the accessibility of a standard internet webpage. Anyone with a mobile device or browser can visit our virtual world. And they have. So far, people have joined from over 20 countries.

To be transported to our virtual world, click here

Why is this important? 

Orant is a local-global partnership. The success of Orant’s programs is dependent on cross-cultural respect, appreciation, and collaboration. The state of the world has made it more evident than ever that we do not live in cities or states or even countries. We live on a planet. We are all interconnected. The actions of people on one side of the world affect people on the other. We share one big home. 

Nonetheless, our home is large. Not all of Orant’s supporters get to visit us in Malawi. But we still want to connect with them in a communal space. An amazing team of volunteers has created such a space: a virtual world where we all can meet. Orant’s Virtual World was modeled after Kasese, Malawi. It looks like Orant’s campus, but digitized. In the distance, Ngara Mountain frames us in its mountainous embrace.  

VR opens exciting new opportunities for nonprofits. Especially organizations with a global community. 

Even the making of our virtual world was an international effort. One of our world creators articulates the partnership perfectly in this interview

Expanding Access 

We want everyone to benefit from this week’s VR programs. And so, we’ve broadcasted our interviews live on our Facebook page. If you can’t make it to the events in our virtual world, you can access the recordings on Facebook here

We’ve also made our 360 degree immersive videos available on YouTube. We have four videos total. Each gives you a sneak peak into a day-in-the-life of Orant’s four programs. 

It’s not too late to visit our virtual world! 

We have programming today through Saturday. Stop in and say hi. And in the meantime, immerse yourself in our Financially Empowering Microloans for Women Program. 360 Video below. 

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