Measuring Water Levels with Solinst

Orant and team using the Solinst Water Meter at Chiguwi borehole

We are excited to announce an important gift that will elevate Orant’s Water & Sanitation Program. The product manufacturer Solinst donated a water meter. This new tool will enhance our ability to collect data on water tables in the areas we serve. It will also give us a better understanding of our community’s water usage. 

Orant received the Solinst Water Meter only a few weeks ago but is already putting it to great use. Our team is recording well depths and water levels during all pump repairs. We plan to use the meter when we drill new wells, too.

A huge thank you to Solinst for their generous gift. It will no doubt help us in our mission to make clean water accessible to all communities in Malawi.

Check out photos from our inaugural use of the Solinst Water Meter at Chiguwi borehole.

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