Madzi ndi Moyo: Water is Life

Melina carries water home

“Madzi ndi Moyo,” says Chief Kuliyani.

Water is life.  

It is no wonder that humans across cultures have spiritual rituals connected to this life-giving resource. Water is the source and reason for baptisms, dances, songs, prayers, and pilgrimages. 71% of our planet’s surface is covered with water. Over 50% of our human bodies are made of water. Water quenches our thirst, grows our crops, and cleans our hands.

But safe drinking water isn’t accessible to everyone in the world.

According to a report by USAID,  about 4 million people in Malawi  still lack access to clean water.

In Kuliyani Village in Central Malawi, Melina Maiko reflects on the gift of water.

For all of Melina’s life, her community was prone to waterborne diseases due to lack of safe drinking water.

“We used to drink water from this pump,” she says. “Women would get here in small groups for safety since the place is bushy and scary.”

women gathering water in Central Malawi at a non-Orant well

They walked 2.5 kilometers away in search of water. Once they gathered the water, they had to carry it home. This cost them time in the fields, at home, or at school.

“During the dry season,” Melina says, “we were forced to drink unsafe water. The safe water source was too far away. As a result, diarrhea was the order of the day, especially in our kids.”

In May of 2022, Orant's WASH Program drilled a new borehole in Melina's community, benefitting an estimated 300 people.

WASH Program Manager Mayamiko Mwenda says, “We strive to reduce the morbidity and mortality that results from poor sanitation and unsafe water.

“The gift of water means life to me and my people,” says the village chief.

“Now our kids are healthy and happy,” says Melina.

children in Malawi benefit from the gift of clean water

Thanks to funds from donors, Orant Charities Africa drills new boreholes, repairs and maintains boreholes, provides WASH training, and equips communities with sanitation information.

Learn more about Orant’s Water Program here

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