Non-Communicable Diseases in Rural Malawi

The Importance of Mobile Medicine

George treats Julio at Mobile Outreach Clinic

Aged 69, Julio Phiri from Mawawa Village had an asthma attack one night at 9PM.

Julio was wary of hospitals. The last time he went to a hospital, they didn’t have the medication he needed. He had put his transportation money to waste. This time around, he opted to wait until morning. He knew that Orant’s Mobile Outreach Clinic would be visiting his community.

"Non-communicable diseases such as asthma require urgent medical attention,” says George Matapandeu, Mobile Outreach Clinic Officer.

“Unfortunately, most cases do not receive timely and required attention.”

Quality healthcare remains a great challenge in Malawi. The situation is worse for people who live in rural communities. Without transportation, they are required to travel long distances to get medical assistance. To make matters worse, hospitals and clinics don’t always maintain regular hours or stocked pharmacies. 

“Our Mobile Outreach Clinic plays a vital role in treating non-communicable diseases,” says George.

“We bring needed medical resources closer to communities. We also make sure that we prescribe our patients enough medicine to sustain them until our next visit.”

Julio says, “I have visited Orant’s Mobile Outreach Clinic in a critical state several times. Each time, I have been well assisted.” 

43 year old Jackson Banda shares a similar story. Jackson came to the Mobile Outreach Clinic with his blood pressure high.

“I got so sick. Traveling ten kilometers could mean losing my life. Fortunately, the Mobile Outreach Clinic came to my community and I got assistance.”

For people like Jackson and Julio, the Mobile Outreach Clinic lifts an insurmountable burden.

Many people live with non-communicable diseases like asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, and hypertension. They require urgent and regular medical attention to stay healthy and safe. We provide that attention. 

We appreciate our donors' support in this work.

Without them, we wouldn’t have the means to care for Julio and Jackson. Find out more about our Healthcare Program here

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For people like Jackson and Julio, the Mobile Outreach Clinic lifts an insurmountable burden.