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Stories From The Field

In rural Malawi, pregnant women face many challenges including lack of access to prenatal care, poor nutrition, and lack of safe spaces to deliver their babies. Orant is working to change that with the renovation of our maternity ward. Read about it in this week’s blog.

Apply today for the job opening of Strategic Planning Consultant in Dowa, Malawi!

Introducing you to the culture of Malawi through a series of articles! The culture of Malawi is strong in spirituality and most people are active in religious groups. We’ll tell you about Malawi’s main religions and the people who practice them. Read on for more.

Learn how to make this favorite Malawian dish, Mpiru Otendera. One of Malawi’s most popular recipes, Mpiru Otendera (mustard greens with peanut flour) is a nutritious and filling recipe that goes well with many meals.