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Stories From The Field

Orant staff and school administrators with some of the new sanitation supplies

Our Water and Sanitation program continues to make a significant difference in the lives of students in rural Malawi. Read our latest blog to learn about how we support hygiene initiatives in primary schools in Dowa, Malawi.

Alick and Consolatta Kazinga with their children Geoffrey and Rehema

It is always heartbreaking whenever a mother sees her child sick. For Consolatta Kazinga, the situation was worse as she watched her two children on hospital beds, suffering from sickle cell anemia and waiting to receive blood.

Sophelet in her tea room,

Many women in rural Malawi find themselves stuck in the poverty cycle due to lack of business capital. Our FEM Program works with such women, helping them transform their lives as they become independent. Learn more in our latest blog as Sophelet’s shares her story.

A letter from Jennifer, a student in Malawi

Students in our Education Program build relationships with the donors who sponsor them and allow them to attend secondary school in Malawi.