Medical fee history and policy

A patient is never rejected for any medical services if they are unable to pay the full fee or at all. We try not to advertise this so it is not abused.

For the first 18 months of operations, Orant charged no fees for any medical treatment. This meant that we were able to treat anyone who visited regardless of their circumstances. However, this also presented a problem as we live in a very poor, rural area, people who are unemployed or who otherwise have nothing to do would stand in line to get medical treatment even if they had no ailments. Every day the clinic was full of patients, many with illnesses such as malaria, but also quite a few who were just there with the hope that they could get some kind of medicine for free or pass the time. This resulted in patients being delayed treatment and clinicians time being wasted seeing people who were not sick. 

After discussions with the local chiefs, nominal fees of 200 MWK (~$.25) for all children under 5, and 1000MWK (~$1.33) for adults was instituted to ensure that there would not be overcrowding or abuse of the Kasese Health Center system.

Similar pay structures were later implemented at our outreach clinics with the consent of the local chiefs and leaders with a maximum charge of 500 MWK (~$.66) and all pregnant women treated for free.