Recap of Live Q&A with Orant Sponsored Student

On June 30th, Orant hosted a Facebook Live Q&A with sponsored student Bridget Khunga. Despite some technical difficulties, the event evolved into a lively conversation filled with laughter. Bridget talked with Orant Country Director Gabriel Kapanda and Orant Education Program Manager Lonjezo Chauya. If you didn’t have time to tune in, here’s a recap: 

Bridget recently graduated from Nkhamenya Girls Secondary School, which is a national secondary school in Malawi. One of the greatest assets of national secondary schools is their diversity. People attend from all parts of Malawi. 

“I met people who changed my life,” Bridget told Gabriel and Lonjezo. “I interacted most with people from different districts, people with different values and different experiences. Those people changed me. It was just amazing. It is a family.” When talking about her friends, Bridget couldn’t contain her grin. “I’m missing Nkhamenya now,” she said. 

Recently, Bridget passed her Malawi National Examinations. She scored 15 points (the highest being 6 and the lowest being 36). We couldn’t be more proud. 

Bridget is the second born in a family of three children. She lives with her mom, a farmer and entrepreneur. They lost Bridget’s father in 2011. Her mother works hard to support all three children. We are glad Orant’s tuition sponsorship was able to take one more load off of Bridget’s mother’s shoulders.  

In school, Bridget’s favorite subject was chemistry and her least favorite was geography. She loves technology and science. Ultimately, she hopes to become an industry scientist. “I imagine you wearing a white coat and goggles, conducting tests and experiments,” Gabriel said.

Bridget has noble aspirations. “With education, I want to change the status of my community,” she explained. “I want to change the status of my family. I want to fulfill my dreams.”

When talking with Bridget, it is evident her brilliance in both intellect and personality shines. The Orant team considers ourselves lucky to support students like Bridget. Education is the ultimate empowerment. It is the seed that grows the most sustainable change. 

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