Creating Stability in Malawi One Year at a Time

Orant 2022 Recap

Orant Charities Africa makes a sustainable impact in Malawi through a holistic, local, and data-driven approach to supporting women and communities. We envision a Malawi in which all people, including women, have opportunities to flourish in stable communities that meet their needs. 

In 2022, Orant saw growth in each of our programs.

There are also the intangibles.

Not all progress can be seen in numbers. Angela Samson, 9 years old with hydrocephalus condition, received a wheelchair that will allow her to start school. For the first time in many years, 58 year old Teleza Manuwelo has the safety and stability of an income. Bridget Khunga received the Orant Ulemu Scholarship, allowing her to study at Malawi University of Business and Applied Science.

While the numbers show the breadth of Orant’s progress, the people show the heart. Our community is our purpose and our reason. 

Happy New Year to our mudzi!

May 2023 buoy our spirits as we continue to build stable communities. May the sun and rain keep us fed. May we serve each other with respect and compassion. May we be healthy. May we be safe. May we be loved. And may we love. 

We are so grateful for everyone who walks this path beside us. Here is to another great year. 

The Orant Journal