16 Reasons We Love Orant Charities Africa

Farmers in Orant's Agriculture Programs

November 29, 2022 is #GivingTuesday. It falls on the same week as Orant’s Sweet 16! To celebrate 16 years of Orant, we’ve compiled a list of 16 reasons why we love (ahem) us. And we love YOU! 

Orant's Mobile Outreach Clinic Team

2. The compassion of Orant’s donors and volunteers stretches across continents.

Orant supporters at the annual Mudzi Gala in Texas, USA
Orant's Mobile Outreach Clinic brings healthcare to the doorsteps of rural households
Financially Empowering Microloans for Women Member Edilina Joshua at her tea shop.
Margret Chipokosa (second from the left) dreams of becoming a Special Education Teacher in Malawi.

6. Orant empowers parents with the tools to care for their families.

The Orant Farm Project transformed Dumase Mtengowamingo’s family's life.

7. Orant tells stories that honor the dignity of every person, regardless of their circumstances.

Goodwell Chimwanza, tinsmith at Kasese Trading Post
Madzi ndi Moyo: Water is Life

9. Orant has Weston.


10. Orant’s Maternity Ward delivers about 40 sweet precious babies a month.

Miracle, miracle.

11. Orant integrates data into all of its programs because data is COOL. And also helps us improve.

Ronald Makamba, Orant Data Officer, uses Mizu Electronic Medical Records System
Community Based Management of Water Systems

13. Orant empowers over 350 farmers every year with microloans and training programs.

Orant's FEM Program - Soap Making Workshop

14. Orant’s campus is um… BEAUTIFUL?

Orant Charities Africa Campus
Orant's Virtual World

16. Orant has been serving its rural Malawian community for sixteen incredible years.

Happy Sweet 16!

Orant's annual Mudzi Gala is coming!

Sept. 23, 2023, join us at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas!

Grab your tickets today for this worthwhile event and know that you are helping support Orant’s programs in rural Malawi. Tickets available at this link.

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