Orant Young Ambassadors

how young people can make a difference

Orant Young Ambassadors are young people committed to creating positive change in the world. They believe that all children deserve to go to school, have enough to eat, and pursue their dreams. Young Ambassadors work one-on-one with Orant representatives to learn about the lives of young people living in poverty in Malawi. Young Ambassadors can be 10 years old, 20 years old, or anywhere in between. Together, we come up with ways for each ambassador to use their talents to make a difference. 

Here are some examples of how Young Ambassadors can get involved: 

  1. Read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind 

This book is perfect for ages 10-13 or grades 5-8. It is the true story of William Kamkwamba, a young boy in Malawi. William experiences drought, hunger, and impossible school fees. But despite all odds, he creates change. Reading William’s story is a great way to learn about the real-life experiences of kids in Malawi. Plus, it shows what incredible feats young people can accomplish. Give it a read. Host a book club with your friends. Write a paragraph about what you learned and share it with us.   

2. Host a bake sale, lemonade stand, or fashion show

Get all the neighborhood families together. Invite your classmates to join. Most importantly, have fun! Use your creativity to raise money. Donate your earnings to benefit kids your age in Malawi. 

3. Organize a Penny War Fundraiser

Get in contact with your teacher for next year. Talk to them about having a Penny War Fundraiser, either with your class or in competition with other classes. What is a Penny War? Great question. More info on that here

4. Sponsor a student as a group 

Secondary school in Malawi isn’t free. If kids don’t have enough money, they can’t learn. Without an education, their chances of getting out of poverty are slim to none. But you can help. Are you a part of a sports team? Dance class? Scout troop? Work with your group to sponsor a student in Malawi. If you get a group of 20 together and everyone donates $25, you will cover one year of tuition for a student in Malawi. 

5. Instead of birthday presents, ask for donations 

Have the birthday party of your dreams. Even better, use it to make a difference. Asking for donations instead of birthday presents is one of the most selfless and generous things you can do. All while eating cake! Your donations will help make sure kids in Malawi can go to school, see a doctor, and drink clean water

Interested in getting involved? Contact Savannah at [email protected] for more information or call 930-500-4764. 

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