Job: FEM Program Manager

Orant Charities Africa

Location: Kasese, Dowa District, Malawi

Reports to: Country Director

The FEM for Women Program
The FEM for Women program aims to assist local entrepreneurial women by helping them organize into groups and offering them small business loans. After using the money to invest in their businesses, the women repay their individual loans after a set time period. Orant Charities Africa is hoping to expand this program greatly in 2021 by founding more FEM women’s groups in nearby market centers, and improving the operations of our current group that is located near our campus in Kasese, near Madisi, Dowa District. 

Job Description
The FEM program manager will organize, monitor, and own the Financially Empowering Microloans for Women program. They will oversee and advise on the expansion of future business programs at Orant Charities Africa.

The FEM program manager reports to the country director in Kasese, but is also expected to be in communication with the Orant Charities team in the US via email and by producing regular reports on the program.

About Orant
Orant Charities Africa uses holistic, local, and data-driven approaches to supporting women and communities in Malawi. Orant’s Financial Empowering Microloans for Women Program (FEM) began in 2017. By providing microloans and business training, FEM gives women the financial and social tools to succeed in operating small-businesses. FEM imagines a future where female entrepreneurs shape and define local marketplaces, paving the way for lasting social change. 



  • Assist in targeting and verifying women for the FEM program
  • Facilitate scheduling and development of activities for the FEM program
  • Determine and conduct training for FEM members
  • Assist FEM members in writing business plans/proposals
  • Assist FEM members to be conversant with digital banking/mobile money transactions
  • Keep proper records of the program including womens profiles and group meetings.
  • Assist with reporting on FEM activities to donors
  • Report to OCA Country Director
  • Conduct regular field visits to monitor and evaluate progress of the FEM program
  • Help prepare and present skillbuilding business classes
  • Establish new FEM groups according to determined timeline
  • Document engaging case studies 
  • Liaise with the District Council and other stakeholders
  • Develop proposals with Orant Charities US to raise funds for the program
  • Any other duties assigned 

Minimum Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business administration or Entrepreneurship or equivalent from a recognized institution
  • At least two years experience in a busy office environment
  • Experience in the field or rural setting
  • A sense of call by God to work with the vulnerable or do charity work
  • Dynamic business/entrepreneurship skills 
  • Ability to mobilize communities
  • Strong collaboration skills 
  • Ability to establish goals and achieve them systematically
  • Ability to relate well with women and youth
  • Excellent professional command of English
  • Ability to work in a rural setting
  • License to drive is preferred although not a prerequisite

Desired Results 

  1. Active FEM program member groups which meet fortnightly
  2. Expand program at large
  3. All scheduled FEM group meetings are recorded on a calendar 4 months in advance
  4. Women in the program become self-reliant
  5. Data Management System developed in Google Drive for easy tracking of the program
  6. Sponsored businesses are improved
  7. Progress towards achievement of stable businesses
  8. Positive change in FEM members’ living conditions
  9. Group activities which strengthen emotional support and necessary life skills
  10. Produce monthly, quarterly report and year end report

Work Requirements

  • 60% in the field and 40% in office

Products & Systems currently used by Orant

  • G Suite/Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets/Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mobile Banking

Additional information for the application

  1. CV with three traceable Referees
  2. Copies of Certificates and List of accomplishments
  3. Cover letter mentioning expected remuneration

Apply by sending an email to: [email protected] by 5pm on Wednesday, 3rd, February, 2021