Meet Esther: Orant Ulemu Scholarship Student

Esther Mauda, Orant Ulemu Scholarship Recipient

Aged 22, Esther Maupa is the second born child in a family of four. Her parents divorced when she was a year old. Ever since, she has been raised by a single mother. Her family relies on her mother’s salon business to make ends meet.

Esther completed her secondary education at Nkhamenya Girls’ Secondary School. She was sponsored by Orant Charities Africa’s Education Program.

Orant came through for my secondary school education,” Esther says. “I was on the verge of dropping out of school. My mother couldn’t afford my school fees. Her business is small. It could only cover the household needs.” 

After graduating from Nkhamenya in 2018, Mwimba College accepted Esther’s application to study General Agriculture. Esther was ecstatic. She couldn’t wait to learn more. 

Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived. Esther’s mother couldn’t afford the college fees. Esther was chased out of school. 

“It was a heartbreaking moment for me – packing my things and going back home. I had no hope of returning to school. I knew my mother’s business couldn’t generate enough money for my tuition.” 

Esther stayed home for weeks until she heard about  Orant’s new University Fund. As a previous Orant-sponsored student, she was eligible to apply for the Ulemu Scholarship. It would cover tuition. Maybe her education journey wasn’t over yet

Esther applied for the sponsorship and won. “I am so grateful to Orant for giving me this opportunity,” she says. “I would say they gave me a future. I am working hard to become a change agent. I am now in the final year of my studies. Once I graduate, I want to bring change to my community by helping farmers to help themselves,” says Esther.

Congratulations to Esther for winning the scholarship! We cannot wait to see the positive change she make in her community.

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