Unwrapping the Flavours Of Malawi: Champunga Mkati Recipe

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Author: Praises Padambo

Champunga Mkati
Champunga Mkati, Malawian Rice Dumplings

Unwrapping the Flavours Of Malawi: Champunga Mkati Recipe

Champunga Mkati is one of the most common Malawian snacks that is likely to be  found in most market places. This snack is not only nutritious, it is also delicious and easy to make. It combines the creaminess of rice with a crispy, golden exterior. Read on for tips and our handy step by step instructions.

You will need the following ingredients: Rice, salt, all purpose wheat flour, cooking oil, yeast, onions* and food colourant*.

*Note that onions and food colourant are optional.

Let’s get started!

Ingredients for making Champunga Mkati.

Step 1: Boil water and add 1 kg of rice and salt to taste. Stir gently and leave it to cook.

Step 2: Leave the rice to cook for 15 to 20 minutes whilst stirring occasionally.

Step 3: Take the rice off fire, drain excess water and leave it to cool.

*Tip: Make sure that the rice is only 85 percent done when taking it off the fire.

Step 4: In a bowl, pour 300 Mls of warm water,  then add yeast, food colourant and salt to taste. Stir the mixture and add flour whilst stirring. Keep adding flour until the dough reaches the right consistency

*Tip: Make sure that the dough is neither too sticky nor too hard.

Step 5: Leave the dough to rise for 30-45 minutes.

Step 6: Heat cooking oil in a frying pot or pan.

Step 7: Chop onions in small pieces and mix it well with the rice.

Step 8: Shape the rice mixture into balls or desired shapes.

Step 9:  Cover the rice with the prepared dough.

Step 10: Fry the rice balls until crispy outside.

Step 11: Our Champunga Mkati is ready to serve. It can be served with a salad of your choice, a sauce and any beverage.

Try the Champunga Mkati recipe and share with us how it comes out! We can’t wait to see your mouth-watering creations!

Cook the rice until 85% done.
Drain the excess water off the rice.
Make the dough.
Mix the dough.
Add the food colourant.
The dough should be this consistency.
Shape the rice balls.
Coat the rice balls with the dough.
Fry the dough balls in hot oil.

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