Orant Distributes Maize to Farmers in Malawi

Rural Malawians are self-sufficient farmers. They know which seeds to plant at what times. Their livelihoods are in tune with the seasons. Many join together in cooperatives to achieve higher crop yields. However, when droughts or floods affect the fields, everyone’s food security is therefore affected.

Malawi relies on rainfed farming. 95% of the rains fall between November and April. Last growing season by this time, families were eating green maize. But this year, due to late rains, the harvest isn’t ready. Many households are facing hunger. For some, crops have been washed away by raging waters.

To make matters worse, the government’s food distribution program has not yet started. As such, poor households are increasingly relying on market purchases. Every year, Orant’s Agriculture Program prepares for this period. We store maize to cushion families in times of need. 

We have distributed 57,500 Kilograms of maize this year to BOMFA, Bowe Parish, and the Kasese community.

“Most of our farmers fail to harvest enough,” Zaina Kapachika, the President of BOMFA, explains. “During the rainy season, they are always hard at work doing piecework in other people’s fields.”

When rural farmers must choose between tending their own fields and earning money from tending to other people’s fields, often they have no choice. They must meet their households’ urgent needs. As a result, their own fields are left unattended. “Orant’s donation of maize will greatly help the local farmers to concentrate on their own fields,” says Zaina. 

Father Charles Egbon from Bowe Parish says, “Our rural parish has over 98% peasant farmers. However, due to harsh climate conditions and expensive farming inputs, their yields are low. With this year’s late harvests, many households have been left without food for February and March. Thus, Orant’s gift of maize is life to our local community.”

One beneficiary, Manja Alunso Phiri says, “My wife and I were having difficulties farming on empty stomachs. Our children started missing school since there was no food at home. Orant’s support will go a long way.”

Orant’s Agriculture Program hopes to put systems in place to ensure food insecurity and malnutrition are put to a sustainable end. 


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