Inclusive Education in Malawi

Margret Chipokosa

Margret Chipokosa’s dream is to become a Special Education Teacher.  

Aged 19, Margret is a Form 4 Student at Chayamba Secondary School. She is the first born in a family of five. When she was only one year old, she lost her sight. 

For a long time, inclusive education has been a challenge in Malawi. Children with special needs have less access to and resources for education. They receive little or no support in their early stages of schooling. As a result, the majority of Malawian children with disabilities are likely to drop out of school. If they are even enrolled at all.

Poverty only exacerbates their obstacles.

“I almost dropped out of school,” says Margret. “My parents are peasant farmers. They couldn’t afford my school fees.” 

Orant Charities’ Education Program stepped in to support Margret.

Margret with classmates

“Our Education Program understands the power of inclusion in education,” says Lonjezo Chauya, Education Program Manager. “We leave no child behind. We make sure that every child, with disabilities or without, receives equal education and support. It’s every child’s right to get educated.”

Margret wants to use her education to improve accessibility. 

“I am working hard to become a Special Education Teacher,” she says. “I would like to support and teach other students with disabilities. I am thankful to Orant for fueling my dreams. Despite many challenges, I’m positive that I will become everything I’ve ever wanted to be.”

Margret is just one of Orants’ sponsored students with special needs. We owe a debt of gratitude to Orant’s donors. They make our students’ dreams into realities. 

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