How Orant Spends Donor Dollars

Ngara Mountain overlooks Orant's campus in Kasese, Malawi

Orant Charities Africa operates its budget according to two guiding principles: 

  1. Efficiency:
    We aim to make the highest impact possible per dollar. 

  2. Client-Focus:
    100% of donations go straight to Orant Charities Africa in Malawi. This means no donations are directed to the support staff in the US. Even in Malawi, 90% of funds are used for program operation costs. In other words, donor dollars go straight to the people. Only 10% of funds go to management and administration, and less than 1% to fundraising. 

Here’s how our spending is distributed over our programs:


Stable communities require institutions that give people hope and build trust. Even though Malawi offers free healthcare, government clinics often take hours to walk to from rural villages. Worse, their medical supply isn’t reliable. Government hospitals and clinics routinely run out of even the most basic medicine. Orant fills the gap. 

Our healthcare programs take up the majority of our funding. Medicine is the largest cost of this program. Spending is split between our static clinic and our Mobile Outreach Clinic. Our Mobile Outreach Clinic reaches patients in rural areas. Our on-site pharmacies maintain a reliable supply of medicine. 

Water & Sanitation

Our largest Water & Sanitation expense is drilling new water wells. Wells cost around $5,000 to drill. Once installed, they provide safe water for hundreds of people for a decade.


Our education budget is spent on student sponsorships. Secondary school is not free in Malawi. Investing in students, especially in young girls, is an investment in the future of the community and country.

Agriculture & Business

Our agriculture & business allocates most of its budget to loan programs. BOMFA, a local farmer’s cooperative, distributes Orant loans to over 600 rural farmers. The Irrigation Club Program offers farmers seed and fertilizer loans. Our FEM for Women program supports female entrepreneurs with loans, banking assistance, and business training. All loans are paid back to Orant and reinvested in the programs for the next loan period.

Management and Administration

Orant Charities Africa has a seven-acre campus that houses much of our staff and their families. Administrative costs include phone service, internet, gas, and campus maintenance. 


The Malawi team assists with grant writing. Otherwise, fundraising efforts are supplemented by the US support team. The US team receives no donor dollars. 

If you want to donate to a specific project or program, leave us a note. 

We want our donors to see and feel the direct impact of their contribution!

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