Staff Highlight: Ronald Makamba

Data allows us to measure impact and test efficiency. It keys us into blind spots and shows us where we need to grow. For these reasons and more, data has become a driving force at Orant. In April 2021, we invited Ronald Makamba, Orant’s first Data Officer, to the team.  

Ronald was born and raised in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city, but his home village is Mikoche. He is a tech wiz and a data expert. Before Orant, Ronald worked as a Software Developer for Innovation Systems. Later, he joined Baobab Health Trust as a Support and Deployment Officer. Additionally, he spent time as a Data Clerk for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

“I am passionate about solving real world problems with technology,” he says. “Most of the time, I’m on the lookout for modern trends or technologies to improve my skill set.” 

Ronald is creating an efficient data collection and analysis process for each of Orant’s programs. Ultimately, this data will improve Orant’s decision-making process. Ronald explains this further, “Data allows us to be strategic in approaches. It helps to establish baselines, benchmarks, and goals to keep us moving forward.” 

Join us in welcoming Ronald Makamba to the Orant Charities Africa team

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