Staff Highlight: Praise Padambo

As a young lady, Praise was raised in a typical Malawian village: Chipoka. There, she grew up witnessing social injustices such as forced marriages, school dropouts, and teenage marriages. In response, she developed a passion to confront such injustices. And she planned to use her particular skills and experiences to do so. 

“I believe that communication is vital,” Praise says, “It is a cornerstone of societal development. It is the greatest weapon for fighting injustices.” 

Praise holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies from the University of Malawi Chancellor College. Before Orant, she worked as a Communications Assistant for Concern Worldwide Malawi. She is also the Co-founder of an initiative called Inspire Girls. This initiative aims to inspire and empower girls in remote areas where role models are virtually unavailable. It is based in Salima.

“I am so excited to join Orant,” Praise says, “I see it as a great opportunity for me to advance my career and fulfill my passion of advocating for social justice for all. I believe that my work with Orant will help to facilitate a sense of community participation.”

By involving community members in the telling of their own stories, Praise will respect and honor the lived experiences of Orant’s beneficiaries. There are many ways to inspire empowerment. Story is one of them.

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