Orant's Medical Treatments by the Numbers

2021 was a historic year for Orant Charities. Our clinicians cared for over 70,000 patients, 40% more than any year prior. We continued running two healthcare clinics: the Kasese Healthcare Clinic and the Orant Charities Africa Mobile Outreach Clinic. 

Our static clinic is based in Kasese, Dowa. This clinic includes:

    • An Outpatient’s Department
    • A 24 Hour Children’s Ward
    • A Maternity Ward

The maternity ward safely delivers as many as 30 babies a month and provides prenatal care for as many as 100 mothers at any given time. Since the clinic’s opening, there have been zero cases of maternal mortality. In addition, the clinic offers:

Our Mobile Outreach Clinic travels far each day, sometimes over 120km round trip. It visits hard-to-reach rural villages in the Dowa and Kasungu Districts. Thanks to our Outreach Clinics, people receive medical care who would otherwise live too far from services.  According to a study we conducted this year, 100% of 1391 surveyed villagers reported they felt more confident in their family’s health because of our Mobile Outreach Clinics. 

Our clinics treat many illnesses, but sometimes our patients need more specialized treatments. As needed, our clinicians refer patients to the hospital. Under urgent circumstances, our ambulance transports patients to the hospital. We also pay for treatment if it isn’t free. 

The most common illnesses our clinicians see are: 

    • Malaria
    • Respiratory tract infections (often the common cold) 
    • Musculoskeletal pains

These illnesses comprise: 

    • Over 80% of all cases treated at the Mobile Outreach Clinic in 2021 
    • Around 75% of all cases treated at Kasese Health Center in 2021 

Malaria is notorious in Malawi and throughout Africa. Symptoms include high fever, chills, and extreme fatigue. Anyone can get it. Both malaria and the common cold can be deadly in Malawi, especially for young children who are under-nourished.

Our healthcare staff saves lives in the face of malaria, infections, COVID-19, malnourishment, and more. As we welcome in the new year, we do so with gratitude for our frontline workers. Thank you for all your hard work. 

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