A Tale of Hope and Survival

Orant’s Healthcare Efforts and Malaria in Malawi

People waiting in line for the Mobile Outreach Clinic
People waiting in line for the Mobile Outreach Clinic

Hope and survival: Samuel’s story

It is a beautiful Tuesday morning. Our medical team has just arrived at Kavwenje center and there are hundreds of people waiting to be assisted. Christina Tembo, carrying her 8-year-old boy, Samuel, is waiting in line. “Samuel has been complaining about a headache for days, and despite giving him painkillers, his condition has worsened,” Christina tells us.

Christina explains how she was at a loss for what to do, as the nearest clinic was over 20 kilometers away and costs 8,000 Malawian kwacha (approximately $8 USD) to travel there and back. Christina is a single parent with no stable source of income, relying on casual labor for a living, and could not afford the cost of transportation. She didn’t know how she would care for Samuel as he became weaker and more ill.

The Mobile Outreach Clinic brings healthcare to those who need it

Fortunately, our healthcare program was scheduled to conduct an outreach clinic in the area the following day, giving Christina a sigh of relief. People in the area and other surrounding areas have trust in Orant’s Mobile Outreach Clinic, saying they get reliable assistance. So, at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Christina woke up to see her struggling son showing a range of symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting. She left with him for the outreach clinic site, which is almost 2 hours walk from her home.

By the time Samuel was able to meet with our doctors, he was unconscious. He was diagnosed with severe malaria. Our medical personnel noted that something serious was wrong with Samuel and they quickly took necessary action. After beginning treatment, Samuel regained consciousness and was able to sit up and speak. Our doctors recommended that Samuel be given porridge before he was referred to Kasungu District Hospital for further treatment.

How the Mobile Outreach Clinic brings hope to those in rural Malawi

Samuel’s mother expressed her gratitude to Orant Charities for the assistance, “I really appreciate what Orant Charities has done for my son. Without the Outreach Clinic coming here today, I could have lost my son.”   

Samuel’s story of hope and survival mirrors many others in rural Malawi, where access to healthcare can be hard to come by. Many of these households are located in remote areas where transportation is limited. By bringing medical professionals and resources to these communities, we are able to provide life-saving assistance to people like Samuel, who need it most.

Our healthcare program is dedicated to providing medical assistance to thousands of households in the Dowa and Kasungu District through our Outreach Clinics. To learn more about our healthcare program, click here, and to view a map of our service area, click here.

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