A New Mother’s Experience at Kasese Health Center

Mwayiwawo’s Story

A new mother holds her baby at Kasese Health Center
A new mother holds her baby at Kasese Health Center

A joyful noise in the night

On her first night visiting Malawi, Jo Ann Kelly-Graham was awoken by a noise at 2 a.m. She was curious when she heard the ululation sound coming from our Kasese Health Center Maternity Ward.  It was a joyful noise. She wondered if a new baby was born. Indeed, there was! 

Orant’s Kasese Health Center Maternity Ward delivers about 40 babies a month. We strive to provide excellent prenatal services to make sure that women and newborn babies are well taken care of, safe, healthy, and secure. 

A new mother’s experience at Kasese Health Center

Mwayiwawo Nasoni delivered all three of her children at Kasese Health Center, saying “I always feel safe here. Since I stay far away, I come two weeks in advance.”

What strikes her the most is that every woman in the maternity ward is treated for free, even those that come as early as 4 months in advance. “The hospital does not run out of medication and above all, there are well trained nurses who always give us timely attention,” Mwayiwawo explains.

How Orant’s health center helps new mothers

Women who come from far distances are advised to come to the hospital even before they start feeling the labor pains. This is done to make sure that every woman has a safe birth, instead of giving birth at their homes where there is higher risk of complications.

According to the Reproductive Health Journal, most women who deliver at home do so because of several reasons: onset of labor at night, birth during the rainy season, rapid labor, socio-cultural factors and health workers’ attitudes. Such women are assisted in the delivery by traditional birth attendants, relatives, or neighbors.

Mwayiwawo’s joy and thanks

“I am so thankful to Orant for the service and support rendered to underprivileged communities. Early in 2022, I was filled with so much fear and stress. Thanks to Orant for lifting the burden off my shoulders,” says Mwayiwawo.

Whilst nursing a two-month-old baby early last year, Mwayiwawo realized that she was a month pregnant, which she did not expect. This brought fear to her and her husband; according to cultural beliefs, this meant that they could lose their two-month-old baby.

Mwayiwawo rushed to the hospital where she received guidance. Now, Mwayiwawo is all smiles as she has given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl and her now 11-month-old baby is healthy and strong.

Orant’s health care program helps thousands through affordable and expert health care

Learn more about the Orant health care program here. By providing specialized health care, necessary medication, and extensive Malaria treatment, Orant served over 66,450 Malawians in 2022.

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